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Whoisvisiting provides you with 4 main styles of reporting options:

Real Time Notifications

Your Real-Time Notifications deliver instant alerts of new companies visiting your website.They are automatically set up to be received by the first user on the account.

However, to set up a Real-Time Notification for an alternative user, simply select the '+ Add Recipient' icon and choose your user.

To help you exclude irrelevant notifications, you can select only the specific visiting country or countries you would like to receive these alerts for.

Scheduled Reports

If live notifications are not required for a user, Scheduled Reports offer more flexibility and will send you an email of visiting companies at a time you choose, for a period you want, with all of the relevant data in a concise CSV file.

Companies by Channel

This Report will group your identified companies by the referral source.

You can select a date range in the top right corner to view activity over a chosen period of time.

This information can be downloaded used for Marketing Reports and Insights to various campaigns. 

Companies by Search Term

Where possible, Whoisvisiting will show you how many companies have been identified from specific search terms.

These SEO Insights can be viewed and exported to guide your Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation focus.

Updated on: 09/02/2022

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