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Trigger Reports

Trigger Reports help you to filter through the noise of your website visitors and create automation outside of the dashboard to deliver notification of the most important or pre-qualified companies.

Now that you have your Tracking Page set up with the appropriate Domain and or S_earch_ Match Type, you can add new reports accessible through the Settings dropdown**.** 

Triggers can also be added directly from within the Tracking Pages section by selecting the  _'Add Trigger'_ action.

Select the Add Report Button to begin creating your custom notification. 

You can select your Tracking Page or enter a specific Landing Page / Page URL.

There are many options for your custom Trigger Reports based on when and how you want to receive the information and data:

Notification Settings

Visitor Type




Applying any of these settings gives you and your team automatic notification to the email address when matching the criteria chosen.

Updated on: 09/02/2022

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